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Art Insurance Claims

More than ever, claims service providers must deliver quickly.

Today’s providers must meet the demand for short response and reporting times like never before. They also face penalties for falling short – not the least of which is a dissatisfied policyholder. And when that customer is a high net worth individual, the results can be dire.

Center Art Studio is the solution.

We send a team of experienced conservators to the site of an incident, who protects and inspects each object, record notes, and takes photographs that we store in a proprietary database. Next, we send you proposals outlining a course of action and a firm treatment price for each object. If accepted, we coordinate the transport of the objects to our studio, where we begin immediate treatment.

Fire Water Damaged Art
On-Site Analysis
Each situation and object is unique. Our team members are trained to judge a wide variety of complex surface conditions and can determine what issues are incident and non-incident related.
Proposals for Each Item
We evaluate all affected objects and create an individual proposal for each one. Even if the claim pertains to thousands of items, once our on-site inspections are complete, you will receive treatment proposals with pricing within days.
Detailed Reporting
We build a custom database for each project. This allows us to manage large claims, track each item, and generate reports that meet clients’ unique needs.
An Integrated Process
It can be cost-effective to have one studio manage all aspects of a fine art insurance claim. Center Art Studio is ready to help with on-site inspections, proposals, transportation, treatment, cataloging, and reinstallation.
Art Insurance Database Work
Our goal is to work efficiently for insurance providers while ensuring policyholders that their most precious and high-value objects are being handled with the utmost care.
We can also reduce payouts for diminished value. Our onsite protocol and restoration techniques have freed insurers from costly payments for diminished value.
Our clients include the world’s leaders in insuring fine-art collections, fine-art adjusters and claims management firms, and preeminent appraisers.