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Conservation of Paintings

Keith Hand - Conservation of Painting
Chase - Conservation of Painting
Lichtenstein - Conservation of Painting

Center Art Studio specializes in painting conservation. We have experience in treating a wide variety of painting conditions, including yellowing varnish, surface dirt, tears, lost or flaking paint, sagging canvas, fire or water damage, and many others. Each painting conservation project is unique, and we take into consideration its history, environment, and materials when formulating our treatment plan. Our work in painting conservation can include:

  • Condition reports, including recommendations for treatment where needed.
  • Cleaning to remove old restoration, surface dirt, and discolored varnish.
  • Structural repair including strip-lining, full lining, patches, repairs to original stretchers, and, where appropriate, new stretchers and supports.
  • Consolidation of loose paint and in-painting of missing areas, always limiting the retouch to areas where the original paint is missing.
  • Varnishing with removable, non-yellowing conservator’s varnish.
  • Frame restoration or new archival framing when needed.
Before and After the Restoration of a Portrait
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